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Frequently asked questions

How long does the Remapping take?

2-3 Hours is needed to remap your car as we check for fault codes before remapping any vehicle and we always road test before and after.

Do I come to you, or are you mobile?

At the moment we carry out all remaps from 2 King Street, Winterton, DN15 9RN in our fully fitted workshop, we could come to you should you be unable to attend however there might be a small charge.

Can I wait with the Car?

You are more than welcome to wait for your car and have a coffee in our waiting area, but please be aware it does take a few hours.

Why don't the manufactures do this from standard?

Manufacturers have to allow for the fact that the vehicle could be going anywhere in the world. This is significant because they have to allow for hot climates, very cold climates, and very poor quality of fuels. They also have to allow for customers not servicing their vehicles at the correct intervals. When we re-map your vehicle, it's mainly for smoother performance and greater efficiency.

What changes are made to my car?

A remap is purely a software update. The only thing you will notice is a decrease in your fuel consumption (and more money in your pocket!) smoother performance and greater satisfaction.

Will remapping my car invalidate my Manufacturers Warranty?

A:The short answer is no! All codes and diagnostics that a dealer may read will remain exactly the same. We say it with confidence because of the rigorous testing regime all remap files go through, and we give a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. In addition to this, it is illegal for a vehicle manufacturer to void your warranty because work has been carried out by a third party under the EU block exemption laws. This law covers vehicle tuning and engine remapping.

We can also say with confidence no Richtoyremap has ever caused a failure and we are recognised as supplying some of the best tuning files in the world, however to offer our customers 100% peace of mind our files are fully insured to two million pounds! If our software did damage your engine leaving you unable to claim on the manufacturers warranty, our insurance would pay for the repairs. This has never happened, Richtoyremap is company that is audited by the local Trading Standards and is passionate about getting it right for our customers.

What Guarantees does Richtoyremap give?

We are confident that you will be impressed with our remapping capabilities, this is why we offer the following:

A no quibble refund within 30 Days if you are not completely satisfied, we do reserve the right to write one more remap to fulfil your expectations.

A Lifetime Guarantee for your Richtoyremap

Should your Main Dealer write over the file and return your car back to standard we offer the service to be carried out all over again completely free of charge.

Why do you need to remove some ECU's to be able to remap them?

Most of the time we can remap Cars through the OBD2 Diagnostics Connector, however sometimes we have to remove the ECU from the Car and remap it on the bench called BDM. If we have to remove the ECU there normally is extra charges involved.

What if I'm not happy with the Remap?

Simple, we will put the car back to standard and give a full 100% Refund, this hasn't happened as yet as all our customers are more than happy and usually recommend their friends to us.

If in the future I decided to sell the car and would like it back standard could you do this?

Yes we store all original ECU Maps in a Centralised Administration Server that is backed up every 6 hours of the day so it's a simple cast of just remapping the original map back to the car.

Do you Guarantee the Remap?

Yes all out work is carried out by a professional and fully Guaranteed.

Should I tell my insurance company?

Whilst the upgrade is undetectable, the responsible answer to this question has to be "yes", your insurance company should be notified. However, many insurance companies do not penalise you for upgrades of this nature, particularly if you're tuning for increased economy.
Adrian Flux is one such company.

Will my fuel consumption go up after an upgrade?

No, in fact quite the opposite. Even on a performance tune, if you continue to drive the car in the same way as you did before the upgrade, your fuel consumption will probably improve. Of course if you have a track map installed on the car and you are driving the car under the conditions with which a track map is intended you're likely to find a slightly reduced mpg figure.

Economy tuning can have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption, with considerable improvements being achieved along with huge money savings on fuel.

My vehicle already has some modifications can you still remap it?

Just let us know what modifications your car has had or what future modifications are to happen and we will work with you to give you the very best, from your Richtoyremap. In addition, different driving styles such as towing a Horsebox or Caravan, please let us know the more information enables Richtoyremap to deliver the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Will the life span of my engine be reduced?

We take great care to ensure that all of our modifications have no detrimental effect on your car. In a lot of cases remapping actioned correctly actually helps to extend the life of components such as the clutch and gearbox by making the delivery of the power far less aggressive and smoothing the overall drive of the vehicle. Richtoyremap leaves nothing to chance. Sadly some engines can be over tuned, "stressing" the engine, transmission, cooling systems, etc, and reducing the life span and reliability of the car. This is why it's so important to choose a professional Tuner to carry out the remap.

Are plug and play re-maps and files sold on E-bay any good?

There are a number of basic power upgrades available in a plug and play format or are downloadable from the web. Whilst some of these items can offer slight increases in power, they operate by merely adjusting a specified signal within the ECU by a set tolerance. It's impossible to compare these inferior upgrades with a fully tested remap that is written directly based on the cars original map file measuring nd adjusting hundreds of signals and data files within the ECU.

We advise that these generic files and unsupported devices for sale on the web should be avoided at all cost. We've seen too many customers come to us after a bad experience - and there was no one else to turn to either. We're always happy to advise on your tuning needs.

Are there any hidden charges?

Absolutely not, the price that you are quoted before the remap has taken place is the total price that you pay. Please do not hesitate to pick up the telephone and ring us with any other questions you might have, or just simply book in and let the professionals do the rest.