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Diagnostic Specialist

Cars have become more and more like 'computers on wheels'. Richtoy has invested in a range of multi-branded diagnostic tools and equipment to resolve complex faults found on cars of today.

Vehicles today are becoming more and more computerised so Richtoy is continually investing in new technology in order to keep up-to-date with the modern vehicles. Dealer Level Knowledge and Equipment is the key to resolving diagnostic running problems.

We can solve most diagnostic problems in the most efficient way possible in turn saving you time and money.

We can look after your vehicle to the highest standard and with the correct approach and dealer facilities.

We can help you avoid costly bills from other Garages whether they are Dealerships or incapable Backstreet Garages.

'A problem solved efficiently helps to save our customers hard earned cash'

Pricing starts from £40.00 for a full diagnosis fault code read to establish what is wrong with your Car.

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