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Diesel Specialist

With the Increase in popularity for the diesel car, we are now able to resolve complex problems associated with these vehicles through access to Dealer Tools and Knowledge.

Richtoy is an official Delphi Service Centre – Diesel module bringing top class diesel service and repairs to Scunthorpe, and the surrounding area.

If your diesel car is less than 5 years old then there's a good chance it is fitted with a high tech Common Rail fuel injection system. This is the technology which gives you the high performance and low emissions you expect.

Today's diesel injection systems are kept going by a multitude of sensors, electronics and software which means specialist know-how and equipment are essential for servicing and repairs. What's more, these systems operate at extremely high pressures which are enough to cause serious harm if not handled properly.

Make sure you keep your diesel car in tip-top condition by taking it to someone who really knows what they're doing – a Delphi Service Centre.

Delphi, one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of diesel fuel injection systems has recognised this need for local expertise and has created the Delphi Service Centre – Diesel module to provide just such a service.

Every Delphi Service Centre is trained to work on all makes of diesel car and is fully equipped with the specialist tools needed. They have access to a wide range of quality replacement parts from filters and glow plugs to injectors and replacement diesel pumps. Not to mention the technical information and support provided by Delphi – the diesel experts.

Pricing starts from £40.00 for a full diagnosis to establish what is wrong with your Diesel Car. Call us today on 01724 735282 to discuss your requirements and to book in.