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K&N Filters

The cleaner the air a car can get the greater the efficiency to perform in turn creating increased BHP. K&N Filters are the world's Market leader and we have been an official dealer since 1999.

Since 1969 K&N Engineering has been designing, manufacturing, and enhancing High-Flow Air Filters for the automotive and motorcycle enthusiast interested in maximizing horsepower and acceleration. K&N have more applications than any other manufacturer of similar product, and are designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life. K&N panel filters fit in the vehicle's original black plastic Air box and generally add 1-4 horsepower. They protect your engine for the life of the vehicle and just require cleaning from time to time.

All K&N are tested in independent laboratories to help ensure that our products meet or exceed your high performance and high filtration demands.

K&N make no general fuel economy claims, however we encourage you to try our air filter for yourself. However keeping air filter restriction as low as possible can be an important tool for maintaining better fuel economy. For more info read what some of the testimonials on the K&N testimonials page.

If you fit a K&N panel filter to your car and have a remap there is no need to write the file any differently to it having a OE paper filter, the values of the remap will fall within the tolerances of the remap of stage 1 of tuning.

K&N have other performance air filters ranging from the 56 Series (Bolt On Units), 57 Series (Induction Kits) to 57i's, Generation II Kits and not forgetting the Appolo Kits.

All of the above use the oil treated cotton gauze methodology and are mostly coned shaped.

K&N Kits are thoroughly tested on the dyno (rolling road) and only go into production if there is a distinct improvement in BHP.

Panel Filters start from £25.00 so why not purchase one for your car and start saving money on servicing costs and increase the smoothness in your car.

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