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If you need more from your car, then why not get a remap. There are three types of remap including, Economy, Performance or a mixture of the two called a 'blend'.
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V Switch

If you require the best of both worlds then why not purchase a V-Switch which allows you to switch between maps at the touch of a button. The V-switch can store upto 3 combinations of remaps. > More

V Box

Not all vehicles can be remapped, however the V-Box will help you overcome this for common rail diesel engines. The V-Box is one of the most sophisticated tuning boxes available. > More

Diesel Specialist

With the Increase in popularity for the diesel car, we are now able to resolve complex problems associated with these vehicles through access to Dealer Tools and Knowledge. > More

Diagnostic Specialist

Cars have become more and more like 'computers on wheels'. Richtoy has invested in a range of multi-branded diagnostic tools and equipment to resolve complex faults found on cars of today. > More

K&N Filters

The cleaner the air a car can get the greater the efficiency to perform in turn creating increased BHP. K&N Filters are the world's Market leader and we have been an official dealer since 1999. > More