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Not all vehicles can be remapped, however the V-Box will help you overcome this for common rail diesel engines. The V-Box is one of the most sophisticated tuning boxes available.

Diesel engines can easily be tuned for improvement in fuel economy, torque and power.

V-Box offers its tuning application to a wide range of diesel vehicles. It is programmable and can be used to significantly improve your vehicles driving characteristics.

What can the V-Box do for your vehicle?

The V-Box are easily installed and your vehicle can be returned to its standard setting simply by removing it.

It is best to have a V-Box installed by a professional who will take time to set them up to ensure that the V-Box works to it's full potential.

Whether you own a Taxi, 4x4, commercial vehicle, pull heavy loads, tow trailers and caravans, cover high mileage or want to improve how your vehicle feels and responds whilst gaining improved fuel economy, the V-Box will suit your needs.The

V-Box is fully guaranteed and has a 30 Day Money Back Promise.

The V-Box can be refered to as a Diesel Tuning Box, however should not be compared to some other Tuning Boxes on the market today mainly sold on ebay. Tuning boxes may look fairly similar however it depends on what is inside the housing to how sophisticated it can control your vehicle's settings. Inferior tuning boxes proclaim all sorts of wonderful economy and performance figures however on some we have tested they do absolutely nothing at all. So please remember you get what you pay for….

Pricing starts from £349.00 Call us today on 01724 735282 to discuss your requirements and make a purchase.