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BMW 6 Series

Landrover Rangerover Sport HSE TDV6 2.7 Auto - Performance Tuned

On all of my cars I like to replace the filter and do a remap at the same time. This is my third car I have remapped. I wanted a V8, however this V6 was in exceptional condition. With the remap and filter I can sit on the tail of a TDV8 all day long. Alround improvement on acceleration and mid-range torque. Top end speed is better. On A roads and B roads I have more confidence to overtake. All I need now is upgraded brakes. Jason

BMW 6 Series

BMW 645 CI Auto 4.4 - Performance Tuned

Massive gains on torque and gearbox. Big improvement from standing starts. Performance improved immensely on par with M3 and M6's without the running costs.

BMW X5 3.0 D- Performance Tuned

BMW X5 3.0 D- Performance Tuned

Wow, what a difference. The first performance map improved the car however Richtoy carried out a second remap free of charge to gain even more power. My X5 drives like a GTI, top speed has increased by 20 mph plus, and my fuel economy is on average 8 mpg better. It is still good around town aswell. Jason

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2007 Nissan X-Trail Sport Exped DCI 2.0 Performance Tuned

After remapping, my car became smoother and quieter on the motorway. Less fuel was used than before. I am very happy and the car is very nippy. Wayne

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2007 BMW 320D SE 2.0 - Performance Tuned

When I bought my car I did not realise it was the 163bhp model, so I had it remapped to get more bhp and power and better economy. The car went alot better and it removed a flat spot at 2000 rpm which I had on a previous BMW. I was more than happy and the fuel economy was better.

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2007 Audi A4 S Line TDI 140 2.0 - Performance Tuned

I went to Richtoy for a performance Remap, my first impression was that my car felt quicker and after time the mpg got better and better.
I dont really use my MPG function on my computer, I tend to fill up and look at my milege range it used to say I had 650 miles on a full tank and now it says 770. This is why I really had my car remapped to get better value for money from the ever increasing fuel prices.

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Mercedes Vito 120 Sport CDI 3.0 Auto - Performance Tuned

I am writing to let you know how very, very pleased I am with the re-mapping carried out by your mechanics on both my Diesel Volvo XC 90 and my Diesel Mercedes Vito Sport 204.
I just can't believe how much quicker both vehicles are now after having the blend re- map on both, I must say I have noticed a dramatic change in the amount of fuel consumption since the re-maps it's quite astonishing!! As you know I do alot of miles in the Vito and the money saving has been well appreciated..even though my Merc Vito is a sports 204 bhp, it goes like a rocket now!!! the Volvo is no longer the sluggish 4x4 it was, I would say it has now gone from 150bhp to a 180 plus..
When I first heard about the potential of re-mapping I honestly thought you were pulling my leg, but my how true it was..thanks again for bringing re- mapping to me and for all the brilliant service you give. Best Wishes, Your Happiest Customer! Rob

BMW 320 Diesel M Sport 2.0 - Performance Tuned

I have a BMW 320 Diesel M Sport, 177, 2008 model. Before the remap, I got about 50 mpg, after it was 57 mpg. I noticed quicker acceleration and better fuel economy. The increase in bhp went from 177 to 208. I use the car for short and long runs, but mainly short runs. I am very happy with the overall difference and drive. The main reason for wanting a remap was for better fuel economy. After one month's driving, I noticed better response and a smoother drive afterwards. Russ

Landrover Freelander 2 S TD4 2.2
2007 plate - Performance Tuned

Prior to the remapping, fuel consumption was around 32mpg on communting to work with the occasional longer journeys included. This would show around a 475 mile range when filled up. Since remapping the same journeys are returning around 40mpg with the range now shown of around 600 miles. On a recent long distance run to Southampton, which involved travelling at 70mph on the motorway for the majority of the journey, the car averaged an impressive 47.5mpg. Chosen was blend option, I am very impressed by the marked increase in the day to day fuel consumption, and whilst I do drive conservatively, an increase in engine performance is also obvious. To achieve an mpg of 47.5 on the long distance journey was very impressive. Ian